American Plains Artists 30th Annual Juried Exhibit


Art of the Plains 2015


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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)

Marvin Stevenson* Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Skip Thompson
   "Heading Out" Watercolor 11"x14" $600.00 "Doll Collector II" Oil 24"x20" $2,200.00 "Pecking Order" Oil 24"x36" $8,000.00 "The Cool Down" Oil 10"x20" $1,150.00



Cecy Turner* Burneta Venosdel Patrice Walker Paul Walsh
  "Forever in the West" Oil 10"x16" $700.00 "Tick Doc" Bronze 8"x8"x10" $2,450.00      "Plains Royalty" Oil 5"x7" $450.00      "Red, Black and White" Acrylic 5"x7" $650.00




Paul Walsh Don Weller* Don Weller* K W Whitley
"Route 3 Bus" Acrylic 13"x16" $1,100.00 "Carter and the Black"  Watercolor 14"x20" $2,800.00  "The Spotted Cow" Watercolor 13"x20" $2,750.00    "Canyon Cow Hunt" Oil 16"x20" $1,250.00






Jenine Wilhelms Mary Wood Bennie Woods Linda Woodward
"Cow Siesta" Oil  24"x30" $2,520.00 "Tatanka" Oil 30"x30" $5,000.00 "Lakota Hunter with Bow and Arrow"  Oil 20"x16" $2,800.00 "Sentinels" Oil 12"x15" $950.00






      Thank you for viewing our exhibit!
Rebecca Zook Rebecca Zook Vern Friesen
"Blackbird Fly Into the Light" Acrylic 11"x17" $849.00 "Seeking Shelter" WSOil 20"x16" $895.00 "Lone Cowboy" Oil 9"x12" $400.00


If you would like more information or wish to purchase one of these fine art works, please contact the

APA Treasurer,  Marvin Stevenson  (432) 362-8922

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