Horse Training Demonstration by Mary Rowland

and Tour of Ken Rowland's Studio

Gardendale, Texas - August 17, 2012

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Mary Rowland is a Professional Trainer of Quarter Horses that Compete in Quarter Horse Shows

Mary Rowland


Mary also Trains Riders for Competition


Demonstration on Training Horses

Demonstration on Training Horses

Demonstration on Training Horses

Backing Up

No Hands


Mary Gives an Explanation of the Horse's Actions Artists Catching the Action in the Arena President of APA Steven Napper and Friend
Betty Barnes Enjoying the Outing Photo Fun Fan Mowles and Friend

Signature Members Judy McElroy,

Marvin Stevenson, Horse Trainer Mary Rowland

 and Associate Member Mike Irvin

Signature Member Jammey Huggins and Colt

Signature Member Fritzi Heron,

AssociateMember Mary Lambeth

and Signature Member Judy McElroy

Signature Member Ken Rowland

Signature Member Ken Rowland

in his studio at Gardendale, TX

Back Porch Politics

Jane Stevenson, Marvin Stevenson, Ken

Rowland,  Mike Irvin,  and Steven Napper

Tour of the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas

August 17, 2012

Signature Member Marvin Stevenson

and  the Beginning of the Petroleum

Museum Tour

Signature Members Jammey Huggins,

Judy McElroy and Marivn Stevenson

at the Underwater Exhibit

APA Members Enjoying a Presentation

Oil Field Machinery from the Olden Days

Signature Member Judy McElroy

and Cliff Barnes and Betty Enjoy the Exhibit

Signature Members Fritzi Heron and

Jammey  Huggins at the Entrance to

the Chaparral Gallery

Signature Members Judy McElroy and Fritzi Heron

Mike Irvin Viewing the Chaparral Road Racer Cars

Chaparral Cars

Oil Painting by John Scott

"Bride's Home at the Wildcat Well" by Tom Lovell

Oil Painting

Buggy Days

Mike Irvin, Cliff Barnes and Fritzi Heron

Enjoy the Machinery in the Yard

Oilfield Memories





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