Reception and Awards Presentation - August 16, 2012

at Museum of the Southwest in Midland, Texas

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Members of the American Plains Artists

 and Juror John Coleman

APA Signature Member Judy McElroy

Show Chairman and Master of Ceremonies

Curator of Exhibitions at the Museum of the Southwest

Wendy Earle gives the Opening Welcome along with APA President Steven Napper

Show Juror  John Coleman

APA President and Signature Member

Steven Napper Welcoming the Visitors to the APA Show

Signature Member Marvin Stevenson awards

Cliff Barnes his Best of Show Award

Signature Member Marvin Stevenson awards

Jim Anderson his Best Plains Humor Award

Signature Member Steven Napper awards

Kathleen Cook her Fine Print Award

Signature Members Judy McElroy and Steven Napper present 30 year Certificates of Service to Signature

 Members Marvin Stevenson and Jammey Huggins 

Steven Napper presents Cliff Barnes with his

Best Plains People Award

APA Signature Member

 Judy McElroy

APA Signature Member

Marvin Stevenson

APA  Signature Member Ken Rowland

and APA Board Member Mary Rowland

APA Signature Member

Friti Heron

APA Signature Member

Pam Bunch

APA Signature Member 

Jammey Huggins

APA Signature Member

Sherry Blanchard Stuart

APA Signature Member

Alice Leese

APA Associate Member 

Herman Walker

APA  Associate Member

Mike Irvin

APA Associate Member

Mejo Okon

APA  Associate Member

Cliff Barnes

APA  Associate Member

Mary Lambeth

APA Associate Member

John Bennett

APA Associate Member

Jim Anderson

APA Associate Member

Dan Deuter

APA Associate Member

Daniel Rolf

APA Associate Member

T.W. Vanya

APA Associate Member

Steven G. Jones

Signature Members Sherry B. Stuart and Fritzi Heron
APA Board Member Jane Stevenson and APA Signature Member Marvin Stevenson welcome guests Visitors to the Museum

APA Signature Members Pam Bunch

and Fred Locke

APA Associate Member T. W. Vayna and wife Kathy Enjoy the Show

Visitors to the Museum

Signature Members Jammey Huggins,

Sherry B.Stuart and Guest Fred Locke

Ralph Lewis and Signature Member Fritzi Heron

Dinner at Abuelo's

Ralph Lewis was the Winner of an Apron at the Drawing of Prizes during the Dinner

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