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American Plains Artists Twenty-sixth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2010


Great Plains Art Museum - 1155 Q Street, Hewit Place - Lincoln, Nebraska

September 3 - November 28, 2010


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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)

Betty Sue Rose Cheryl Roush* Ken Rowland* Ken Rowland*
"Top Hand" Bronze 11x8x8 $1,050.00 "Pronghorn Family" Oil 11x14 $795.00 "Spring Baby" W/C 8x10.5 $750.00 "Canyon Ranch" Pastel 6x8.75 $350.00



Mark Russel Tamara Rymer* Jeri Salter Jeri Salter
  "Barn in Bright Sun" Oil 6x15 $800.00 "Pueblo Dancer" Oil 16x20 $2,500.00 "Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" Pastel 14x18 $850.00  "Quiet Travels" Pastel 14x18 $850.00



Bill Scheidt* William A. Schneider* Daria Shachmut Daria Shachmut
"Rest Stop" Oil 20x16 $1,900.00 "Aglow" Oil 20x16 $2,125.00 "Beast" Oil 16x20 $4,000.00 "Windy Day" Oil 20x16 $4,000.00



Kenneth W. Shanika Virginia Grass Simmons Marla Smith Nathan Solano
"Rocky Creek Reflections" Oil 12x24 $2,400.00 "Playing at the Creek" Oil 36x24 $2,200.00 "Prairie Thunder" Oil 12x12 $425.00 "Look'" Oil 24x30 $10,000.00



Edgar Sotelo Edgar Sotelo Sharon Standridge Marvin Stevenson*
 "Parting of the Crowd" Oil 24x32 $5,300.00 "Eye on the Gray" Oil 22x28 $4,300.00 "Quiet Heart" Oil 18x12 $3,000.00 "YT" Pair" W/C 10x14 $600.00

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