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American Plains Artists Twenty-sixth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2010


Great Plains Art Museum - 1155 Q Street, Hewit Place - Lincoln, Nebraska

September 3 - November 28, 2010


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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)



Ann Hoffpauir M.S. Hollis* Jammey Huggins* Jammey Huggins*
"Preparation" W/C 22x15 $1,800.00 "A Man is Like a Gun" Oil 24x30 $6,800.00 "Ever Watchful" Bronze 17x11x13.5 $4,500.00 "Guardian of the Waters" Bronze 9x6.5 $2,100.00



Debbie Hughbanks Mike Irvin Mike Irvin Mariel Klingbeil
  "No. 19" Acrylic 16x20 $1,200.00 "Reading the Words in Red" Oil 24x24 $3,200.00 "Made in Texas" Oil 24x24 $3,200.00  "Sandhill Scenario" Bronze 22x15 $13,000.00





Mariel Klingbeil Patsy E. Lane Shannon Lawlor Skeeter Leard
"Catchin' A Ride" Bronze 10x12 $2,500.00 "The Town Crier" Bronze 10x25x10 $2,400.00 "Heading Home" Graphite 18x24 $2,000.00 "Poise"  Pastel 11x15 $700.00



      SOLD     SOLD  
Alice Leese* Alice Leese* Cindy Long Cindy Long
"South Pasture" Graphite 16x20 $1.200.00 "Cold and Windy" Graphite 7x21 $700.00 "Daisy's "Gus" Hat" Graphite 10.25x13.5 $1,450.00 "Megan'" Graphite 8.2x11.5 $1,200.00



Mavis Madison D. LaRue Mahlke Mike Mahon* Danielle Maire
"Waterin on the Cheyenne" Bronze 24x9x14 $4,000.00 "Lazy Hazy Day" Pastel 20x30 $5,400.00 "Hung Out to Dry" Oil 14x18 $1,095.00 "Spanish American Man" Graphite 18.5x22.5 $1,200.00

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