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American Plains Artists Twenty-sixth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2010


Great Plains Art Museum - 1155 Q Street, Hewit Place - Lincoln, Nebraska

September 3 - November 28, 2010


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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)


Christine Drewyer Barbara-Summers Edwards Barbara-Summers Edwards Glen Edwards
"Sunday Brunch" Oil 24x30 $5,000.00 "First Snowfall" Oil 20x24 $2,500.00 "Blue Beads" Oil 24x18 $2,400.00 "Caught Up" Oil 24x30 $3,900.00



Glen Edwards Linda Egle Linda Egle Berry Fritz
  "Westbound Stage" Oil 20x30 $3,500.00 "Heir To The Plains" Bronze 12x6x4.5 $1,300.00 "Measure of Wealth" Bronze 12x3x7 $3,400.00  "Mother's Favorite" Oil 24x20 $2,400.00



Ritch Gaiti Jean G. Green* Patricia A. Griffin Dennis Grismer
"From a Far Off Place" Oil 36x24 $3,800.00 "Sweet Water" Oil 11x14 $1,100.00 "Mothering" Oil 10x10 $800.00 "Cheyenne" Acrylic 14x18 $1,500.00



Debra J. Groesser Debra  J. Groesser William Hagerman Wendy Hall
"Hill Country Farmstead" Oil 11x14 $900.00 "Ol" Giovanni" Oil 11x14 $975.00 "Maple Color" Oil 11x14 $1,900.00 "Cattle Pasture and Lake'" Oil 18x36 $2,800.00



Carolyne J. Hawley Larry Hayworth Fritzi Heron* Fritzi Heron*
"Starting the New Field" Oil 24x36 $5,500.00 "Prong Horn" Oil 12x16 $600.00 "Truck Parade" W/C 20x14 $800.00 "Just Call Me Mr." W/C 18x12 $800.00

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