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American Plains Artists Twenty Fifth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2009


Ellen Noel Art Museum - 4909 East University Blvd. - Odessa, Texas

June 6 - July 12, 2009


Best  of  Show   First  Place   Second  Place   Third  Place    Excellence  Golden  Spur  Arrowhead  Plainsman

   Publisher's   Clyde Heron  Artist's Retreat  Director's  Governor's  Framing  Gallery

Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)



Cheryl Roush* Ken Rowland* Ken Rowland* Linda Rust
"Wild Burro Adoption" Oil 16x20 $1,000.00 "I Am Your Mother" W/C 15.5x21.5 $800.00 "Checkin' the Water" W/C 15x22 $800.00 "The Richness of Purple" Oil 11x14 $545.00



Linda Rust Tamara Rymer Bill Scheidt* Bill Scheidt*
  "Peacepipe with Corn" Oil 14x11 $545.00   "Catching Rain" W/C 13.5x18.5 $1,800.00 "Little Sister" Oil 12x16 $1,100.00  "Tough Times" Oil 14x18 $1,500.00



William A. Schneider* Tina Simeon Virginia Grass Simmons Nathan Solano
"Antique Lantern" Pastel 20x16 $2,225.00 "Which Way Did They Go" Pen & Ink  12x18 $600.00 "Corn and Bittersweet" Oil 20x10 $750.00 "Learning the Rapes"  Oil 16x20 $3,600.00



Nathan Solano Sharon Standridge Sharon Standridge Marvin Stevenson*
"Working in a Crowd" Oil 22x28 $7,000.00 "The Sentinel" Graphite 16x12 $2,300.00 "Takin' Requests" Oil 112x9 $1,200.00 "Sonya's Gate'" W/C 19x23 $600.00



Marvin Stevenson* Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Kathy Tate*
"Old Timer" W/C 19.5x23.5 $650.00 "Sioux Scouts" Oil 16x20 $2,400.00 "Dream Catcher" Oil 36x24 $3,800.00 "Storm Warning" Oil 16x20 $2,900.00

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