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American Plains Artists Twenty Fifth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2009


Ellen Noel Art Museum - 4909 East University Blvd. - Odessa, Texas

June 6 - July 12, 2009


Best  of  Show   First  Place   Second  Place   Third  Place    Excellence  Golden  Spur  Arrowhead  Plainsman

   Publisher's   Clyde Heron  Artist's Retreat  Director's  Governor's  Framing  Gallery

Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)



Barbara Ann Jones Mary Evelyn Jones* Alice Leese* Alice Leese*
"Evening Bath" Oil 12x24 $1,400.00 "Copper Pot" Oil 11x14 $450.00 "Branding the Dollarhide" Color Pencil  17x21 $700.00 "A Particular Area of Activity" Graphite 21x7 $600.00



Cindy Long Mike Mahon* Victoria Mauldin Judy McElroy*
  "Sass" Graphite 18x24 $1,550.00   "Girl Talk" Oil 14x14 $1,150.00 "Old Red's Retired" Oil  16x20 $900.00  "Soapweed Beauties" Acrylic 15x18 $1,500.00



Judy McElroy*   Judith Moore-Knapp Steven Napper
"Bit of Gold" Acrylic 1.75x2.75 $1,200.00   "Waitin' On the Stage" W/C 16x7 $1,200.00 "Distant Thoughts"  Pastel 24x12 $1,600.00



Steve Napper Eileen Nistler Eileen Nistler Carol Peterson
"Picking the Sweets" Pastel 16x20 $1,750.00 "Hereford Mama" Mixed Media 12.5x19 $750.00 "Teddy's Chair" C.Pencil 14x18 $1,200.00 "Native American'" W/C 29x23 $600.00



Lyn Phariss Marie-Pierre Philippe-Lohezic Barron Postmus Morris Reese
"Texas Blues" Oil 18x24 $1,100.00 "Wild Mustangs" Bronze 20x16  $1,500.00       "Custer Battlefield - Sioux Memorial"          Oil  15x30 $2,800.00 "Road to the Byler" Oil 8x10 $375.00

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