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American Plains Artists Twenty Fifth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2009


Ellen Noel Art Museum - 4909 East University Blvd. - Odessa, Texas

June 6 - July 12, 2009


Best  of  Show   First  Place   Second  Place   Third  Place    Excellence  Golden  Spur  Arrowhead  Plainsman

   Publisher's   Clyde Heron  Artist's Retreat  Director's  Governor's  Framing  Gallery

Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)




Berry Fritz Berry Fritz Susan Furz Ritch Gaiti
"A Quiet Corner of the Barn" Oil 20x16 $2,000.00 "Moccasins" Oil 14x11 $1,400.00 "Yellow Water Lilies" Oil 27x33 $1,500.00 "Trek" Oil 24x36 $3,600.00



Jean Green* Debra Groesser Fritzi Heron* Fritzi Heron*
  "Pals" Oil 16x20 $2,000.00 "The Old Workhorse" Oil 11x14 $900.00 "Partners Taking a Break" W/C 16x20 $950.00  "Shared Pastures" W/C 13x9 $500.00



Ann Hoffpauir M.S. Hollis Jammey Huggins* Jammey Huggins*
"Tough Job & Gentle Hands" W/C 35x31 $2,000.00 "Tribal Dyad" Oil 20x16 $4,500.00 "Bearer of Gifts" Bronze 13hx13.5d $4,300.00 "Summer Breeze"  Bronze 19.5hx9.5wx7.5d $3,960.00



Roger Iker Mike Irvin Mike Irvin Barbara Ivey
"End of the Day" Oil 16x20 $2,750.00 "Ole's Farm" Oil 12x24 $1,450.00 "High Tailin' It" Oil 16x20 $1,600.00 "Dan's Capote'" Oil 30x24 $4,500.00



Veronica G. Jacoby Christopher Jenkins Becky Johnson Becky Johnson
"Wild 'n Wooly" Charcoal 12.5x16 $2,100.00 "Ahead of the Weather" Oil 20x24 $700.00 "January Sunrise" Pastel 4x6 $700.00 "Rain Up Ahead" Pastel 4.5x7.25 $650.00

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