Notrees Wind Farm and Blue Mountain Cave Tours - June 12th, 2009

Located on the YT Ranch


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Plant Manager Bobby Jones

explaining the wind farm operation to the

APA members

APA Members and Friends


 Bobby Jones Plant Manager

 talking to APA members Ken Rowland

and Mary Ross Buchholz

Inside Looking Up the Tower

Outside Looking Up the Tower

APA Member Judith Knapp

coming out of the wind tower

APA Signature Member Marvin Stevenson

after his tour of the tower

APA Signature Members

Mary Ross Buchholz and Marvin Stevenson

all decked out in their safety equipment

Notrees Wind Farm

Wind Tower and West Texas Sunset

APA Members Enjoying the Sunset

Supper by Sunset

APA Members

APA Signature Member Ken Rowland

under the wind towers and heading to the

Blue Mountain Caves

APA  Members

Carefully making their way down to the caves

First View of the Caves

APA Members

Mary Rowland and  Mary Ross Buchholz

on top of the caves

APA Members Fritzi Heron, Mary Rowland,

Judith Knapp and    entering the caves

APA President Alice Leese

leads the way

APA   Members

discussing the rock art

APA President Alice Leese

pointing out the pictographs

APA Members

inside the cave looking out

APA  Members Photographing the Rock Art

Rock Art

Rock Art

Rock Art

Grinding Stones in the Rock

APAMember Jammey Huggins

APA  Members Judith, Ken, Jammey, Fritzi,

Judy,  Judy, Mary, Mike and Mary Ross

APA Members Head'n Home

The End of a Perfect Day


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