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American Plains Artists Twenty Fourth Annual Juried Exhibit

Art of the Plains 2008


Museum of the Southwest - 1705 West Missouri Ave. - Midland, Texas

August 29 -October 19, 2008



Best  of  Show   First  Place   Second  Place   Third  Place   ExcellenceGolden  Spur   Arrowhead Plainsman

   Publisher's Clyde Heron Artist's Retreat Gallery  Director's  The Texan Special Excellence    FramingKaren Brown     

Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)




Oleg Radvan Denise Rich Denise Rich Cheryl Roush*
"Breakfast" Oil 16x20 $2,800.00 "Getting Out of Dodge" Oil 10x20 $950.00 "Texas Longhorn Calf" Oil 6x6 $275.00 "Salt and Pepper" Oil 14x18 $900.00



Ken Rowland* Ken Rowland* Linda Rust Tamara Rymer
          "Cowboy Safety Meeting" W/C 14.5x20 $650.00 "Green Pastures" W/C 21x29 $1,300.00 "The Treasure Shelf" Pastel 11x14  $395.00 "I've Got Spurs" W/C 19x21.5 $3,100.00



Bill Scheidt* Bill Scheidt* Linda Scudder Doris Spires*
"Prairie Pony" Oil 18x24 $2,400.00 "Who Goes There" Oil 18x24 $2,400.00 "Oklahoma Farmhouse in Winter" Oil 18x24 $700.00 "Plains Drifter"  Oil 16x16 $900.00



Sharon Standridge Sharon Standridge Ardith Starostka Marvin Stevenson*
"Kindred Spirits" Oil 24x30 $6,250.00 "Prairie Waltz" Oil 20x30 $5,200.00 "Garden Serenity" Oil 38.5x33.5 $9,800.00 "Fowl Language III" W/C 19.5x23.5 $650.00





Marvin Stevenson* Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Kathy Tate*
"Rocky Draw" W/C 19.5x23.5 $650.00 "Drum Power" Oil 30x20 $5,200.00 "The Charge" Oil 16x20 $2,800.00 "Best Buds" Oil 16x12 $1,900.00

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