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American Plains Artists Twenty Third Annual Juried Exhibit

"Small Works Show" 2007


Loch Vale Fine Art - 1165 Virginia Drive, Suite 5-B - Estes Park, CO. 80517


September 14 - October 7, 2007



Best  of  Show First  Place  Second  Place Third  Place Award  of  Excellence Golden  Spur  Award

  Arrow  Award  Plainsman Award Publisher's Award Gallery  AwardDirector's Award The Coloradan

Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)



Tamara Rymer Bill Scheidt* Bill Scheidt* William A. Schneider*
"Can't Talk Now " W/C 11x14 $775.00 "Old Glory" Oil 12x9 $500.00 "The Pronghorn Parade" Oil 11x14 $700.00 "Budding Artist" Oil 9x12 $1,025.00



William A. Schneider* Linda Scudder Virginia Grass Simmons Doris Spires*
          "Tin Roof" Oil 9x12 $1,025.00 "Mohawk" Acrylic 9x12 $432.00 "Lucky" Oil 9x12  $300.00 "High Country Wrangler" Oil 8x16 $800.00



Cydney Springer Marvin Stevenson* Marvin Stevenson* Sherry Blanchard Stuart*
"Great Afternoon on the Colorado" Oil 11x14 $760.00 "Fall Camp" W/C 10.5x7.5 $450.00 "Corner Fence" W/C 7.5x11.5 $400.00 "The Roper"  Oil 12x6 $900.00



Sherry Blanchard Stuart* Kathy Tate* Kathy Tate* Louise Thies
"Buffalo Sioux" Oil 12x9 $1,200.00 "Grandpa's Place" Oil 11x14 $1,200.00 "Thinking 'Bout It" Oil 8x10 $800.00 "The Guardian" Oil 8x19 $500.00



Louise Thies Sandra VanderWall V....Vaughn V....Vaughn
"Somewhere" Oil 4x10 $300.00 "Last Light" Oil 11x14 $1,000.00 "Dawn's Early Lights" Oil 12x12 $950.00 "Last Year on the Farm" Oil 6x8 $850.00

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