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American Plains Artists Twenty Third Annual Juried Exhibit

"Small Works Show" 2007


Loch Vale Fine Art - 1165 Virginia Drive, Suite 5-B - Estes Park, CO. 80517


September 14 - October 7, 2007



Best  of  Show First  Place Second  Place  Third  Place  Award  of  Excellence Golden  Spur  Award

Arrow  Award    Plainsman Award   Publisher's Award   Gallery Award Director's Award The Coloradan

Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)



Mike Mahon* Mike Mahon* Jimmie Mayes Judy McElroy*
"Snow Fox" Oil 10x8 $700.00 "Sunshine on My Shoulders" Oil 11x14 $725.00 "Where the Plains End" Oil 11x14 $950.00 "Plains River Valley Evening" Acrylic 8x16 $600.00



Kathryn A. McMahon Judith Moore-Knapp Judith Moore-Knapp Steven Napper
          "A Barn Yard Roost" Oil 12x5 $400.00 "Basking in the New Day Light" Oil 14x11 $2000.00 "Sunlit Blooms" Oil 10x8 $900.00 "Collecting the Corn" Pastel 16x8 $775.00



Steven Napper Lyn Hope Phariss Suzy Powell Oleg Radvan
"Clouds on the Plains" Pastel  6x8 $400.00 "Early Kansas Resident" Oil 10x8 $600.00 "Let the Light In" W/C 6.25x10.25 $250.00 "Cowboy" Oil 14x11  $1,800.00



Oleg Radvan Morris Reese* Johne Richardson Johne Richardson
"Bread and Water" Oil 9x12 $1,200.00 "West Pasture Sunset" Oil 9x12 $575.00 "Smile Through the Tears" W/C 14x11 $750.00 "More Than You Know"  W/C 10x14 $800.00



Cheryl Roush* Cheryl Roush* Ken Rowland* Linda Rust
"Cooling Off" Oil 8x10 $550.00 "Buffalo Dance" Oil 12x9 $650.00 "Matched Pair" W/C 8x18 $500.00 "Plains Artifacts" Oil 11x14 $450.00

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