American Plains Artists 31st Annual Juried Exhibit


Art of the Plains 2016


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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)

Rita Morris Rita Morris Steven Napper* Eileen Nistler*
   "BFF's" Oil 16"x20" $1,850.00         "Night Passage" Oil 16"x20" $1,850.00        "Along the Green River" Oil 24"x30" $3,800.00          "Thistle" Colored Pencil 14"x9" $1,500.00



Mejo Okon Mary Lou Pape Mary Lou Pape Charlene Parenteau
    "White Sashes and Sombreros" Oil 16"x20" $2,000.00            "Off to the Races" Oil 20"x24" $2,100.00         "Waiting for My Best Friend" Oil 18"x18"  $1,400.00         "Learning the Ropes" Graphite 27.5"x18.5" $1,800.00




Anne Peyton* Barron Postmus* Cheryl Roush* Cheryl Roush*
     "Belle of the Bosque" Acrylic 20"x15" $3,000.00     "After the Ore Ran Out" Oil 36"x30" $7,500.00    "Exercising the Mules Ft. Concho" Oil 14"x18" $1,350.00          "Winter Gathering" Oil 16"x20" $1,900.00




Ken Rowland* Ken Rowland* John David Rule John David Rule
         "The Stories Told" Watercolor 10"x20" $950.00          "Birds, Varmints and Ivy" Watercolor 11"x15" $700.00         "Sings His Praises" Bronze 12"x14"x5" $2,750.00          "Big Medicine" Bronze 10"x12"x4" $1,750.00



John David Rule Tom Samson Tom Samson Patricia Scarborough
        "Down Stream Drifters" Bronze 18"x8"x10" $3,250.00      "Pronghorn" Scratchboard 12"x16" $1,600.00           "Great Horned Owl" Scratchboard 10"x8" $975.00     "Rolling In" Oil 22"x28" $2,300.00

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