American Plains Artists 31st Annual Juried Exhibit


Art of the Plains 2016



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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)


J C Fontecchio J C Fontecchio Tim Goss Tim Goss
        "Sun Worshipper" Oil 15"x30" $2,800.00 "Last Light"  Oil 9"x12" $850.00     "Black Blizzard Aftermath " Graphite  16"x26" $1,000.00       "Grounded" Graphite 12"x18" $1,200.00



Jean Green* Terry Hager Terry Hager Sarah Harless
  "Prairie Bison" Oil 18"x24" $3,400.00 "Labyrinth Hill" Oil 8"x12" $725.00       "Roly-Poly Hill" Oil 10"x12" $1,545.00 "Cowpony" Pastel 12"x18"  $900.00




Tim Harmon Tim Harmon Helen Howerton Helen Howerton
  "Horse Whisperer" Bronze 9"x8"x10" $1,200.00      "Good Boy" Bronze 18"x13"x19" $5,000.00  "Maggie" Acrylic 12"x9" $895.00       "Prairie Visitor"  Acrylic 12"x9"  $895.00




Jammey Huggins* Jammey Huggins* Jennifer Hunter Jennifer Hunter
       "Whisper of Wings" Bronze 25"x18"x8.5" $9,000.00      "The Chosen Ones" Bronze 12"x12"x12" $6,000.00         "Fresh Horses" Oil 12"x24" $7,300.00         "Ready to Ride" Watercolor 18"x14.5" $4,500.00



Jennifer Hunter Stephen Jones Stephen Jones Stephen Jones
     "Tatanka" Watercolor 14"x29" $6,000.00       "Plains Monarch." Bronze 7"x8"x3" $1,900.00      "The Guardians" Bronze 8"x16"x5"  $2,999.00      "The Healer" Bronze 17"x21"x13"  $5,100.00

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