American Plains Artists 31st Annual Juried Exhibit


Art of the Plains 2016


Fort Concho National Historic Landmark


June 30 - August 7, 2017


 Reception and Announcement of Awards 


June 30  6 - 9 PM


The 2016 Awards Juror is Garland Weeks


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Colors Indicate Honors Received

(Names with asterisk* denote signature members)


Lou Albright Lou Albright Lou Albright Cliff Barnes
   "What'cha Think?" Watercolor  11"x30" $3,200.00      "Hell Bent for Sin Caja" Watercolor 11"x30"  $2,800.00        "Ain't Givin Up" Watercolor 11"x30" $2,800.00           "Here They come" Oil 20"x36" $6,000.00



Maryann B Bartman Maryann B Bartman Herb Bryant Gary Byrd
  "Chief Bald Eagle" Gouache" 16"x13.5" $1,250.00  "Dakota" Gouache 12"x9" $550.00         "Going to Water" Watercolor 10"x14" $475.00          "Time to be Gatting a Move On" Oil 24"x36" $3,800.00




Gary Byrd June Cade June Cade June Cade
"Dust Roll" Oil  24"x30"  $3,800.00 "Curly" Oil 11"x14" $1,600.00  "Always Alert" Oil 20"x30" $4,750.00 "The Soloist" Oil  14"x11" $1,600.00




Freda de Odis David Dorsey David Dorsey Barbara Summers Edwards*
"Rock Creek" Oil 16"x20" $1,920.00 "White Water" Acrylic 30"x40" $3,500.00 "The Buffalo Hunter" Acrylic 30"x40" $2,500.00     "A Quiet Place" Oil 24"x20 $3,100.00





Barbara Summers Edwards* Glen Edwards* Glen Edwards* Will Ersland
    "Borrowed Shawl" Oil 20"x16" $2,300.00              "Traveling Moon" Oil 24"x36" $5,000.00      "Working Cowboy" Oil 24"x18" $3,100.00         "Sweet Betsy and Ike" Acrylic 40"x14" $4,500.00

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APA Treasurer,  Marvin Stevenson  (432) 362-8922


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