Reception and Awards Presentation - June 30, 2016

at Fort Concho National Historic Landmark  in San Angelo, TX

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The 2016 Fort Concho Opening Reception Greeter

Members of the American Plains Artists

in attendance

Director of Fort Concho Bob Bluthardt

Show Chairman Judy McElroy

welcoming the patrons and artists to the opening reception

Display in the Quartermaster's Building


Guests, Patrons and Artists

Juror for the show Garland Weeks and sculptor Stephen Jones

APA Signature Member Marvin Stevenson

APA Signature Members Judy McElroy, Stephen Napper and Ken Rowland

Fort Concho Period Actors

APA Associate  Member Burneta Venosdel with her sculpture "Set-T'ainte"

APA  Signatue Member Jammey Huggins with her sculpture "The Chosen Ones"

APA Signature Member Marvin Stevenson with his painting "Tranquility"

APA Associate Member Stephen Jones with his sculpture "The Healer"

Period Actors for Fort Concho

APA Associate Member H.R. Kaiser with her sculpture "Akecheta Warrior"

APA Signature Member Ken Rowland

with Mary Rowland

and his watercolor "The Storys Told"


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July 1, 2016

Talk of Texas Pickled Okra Canning Plant - San Angelo, TX 

The Hummer House - Christoval, TX

International Water Lily Park - San Angelo, TX


Talk of Texas Pickled Okra

Processing Plant in San Angelo, TX


 Sorting Okra for Size and Quality

Placing Labels on the Jars

The Hummer House

Hummingbird Wildlife Habitat

Christoval, TX

Storage Area for the Pickled Okra


Hummingbird and Feeder

Hummingbird Nest Through the Window of the Observation House Two Hummingbirds and Feeder
The International Water Lily Garden

San Angelo, TX


APA Members Lou Albright,

Jammey Huggins and Judy McElroy

Water Lilies





Park that adjoins the Water Lily Garden


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